4 - 6th November


Durban | KZN


300 delegates


30+ Speakers

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT / Unleashing the Power of Business Analysis

The world of business is ablaze with change. Disruptive technologies, evolving customer demands, and an ever-increasing focus on agility demand a new breed of business professional – one who can bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Enter the Business Analyst, the spark that ignites positive change and illuminates the path forward for successful organizations.

Join us for an exhilarating journey of learning, collaboration, and inspiration. Immerse yourself in a vibrant environment filled with thought-provoking sessions, insightful keynotes, and interactive workshops delivered by industry leaders and distinguished experts. This conference promises to be more than just a collection of talks; it’s a catalyst for igniting your professional spark and empowering you to unlock your full potential as a Business Analyst.

What comes to mind when you think about Innovation? Is it improvements to a new process, introduction of a new technology, a new product, services, or other? Well, this is the time to #Ignite and unleash your creativity and innovation beyond your expectations! Innovation simply means thinking differently and recommending new solutions, not only technical in nature but also changing a basic process for optimization.

This track is about challenging the status quo, bringing in fresh new ways of thinking, innovating concepts, Technology, Digitization, Value creation through innovation and many more. It is imperative to cultivate an innovative culture within the business by investigating state-of-the-art tools, methodologies, and technologies.

Collaboration is essential to the success of your projects, relationships, and long-term viability in all facets of your business analyst profession. In every aspect of your Business Analyst career, collaboration plays an integral part in the success of your projects, relationships, and sustainability.

To move from doing the basics to flourishing in this space, the Ignite Collaboration track aims to equip Business Analysts by providing the tools and techniques that BA’s need to not just enable themselves to improve and go beyond the fundamentals but to advance collaboration.

There is a critical role that BAs play in fostering collaboration between various stakeholders as well as the importance of collaboration within the BA community and beyond.

Topics in this track will focus on expanding the BA space; by promoting cross-functional cooperation and communication, dismantling organisational silos, and utilising a variety of skill sets. BAs have never worked in isolation, and this track will expand the BA Space for growth and improved collaboration to peripheral domains, functions, and teams for improved product delivery and management.

“Ignite Talent” is the catalyst for professionals seeking to unlock their hidden potential. This track offers a melting pot of industry megastars, eager minds, workshops and keynote speeches, empowering attendees to become beacons of ingenuity and skill. Business Analysts, as talent powerhouses, decode complex data patterns and steer organisational growth. Participants dive into workshops, exchange ideas, and witness the birth of groundbreaking strategies.

“Ignite Talent” promises lasting impact, equipping participants with skills to drive innovation and excellence in their workplaces. Explore effective techniques for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and building agile teams. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a transformative movement that empowers individuals, fuels collaboration and sparks innovation.

The Ignite Transformation track aims to enable Business Analysts to thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. In an era of disruption, businesses must evolve or fade into obscurity, making your role as a change agent more crucial than ever. BAs play a key role in driving transformation, as they not only ignite change within the business but embody transformation themselves.

Discover how you can initiate and manage strategic initiatives that drive business transformation, ensuring your role as a business analyst remains pivotal.

Join us as we explore how business analysts can effectively lead and manage change within their organisations, diving deep into the core of transformation. From transformational leadership to digital transformation, change management, and even strategies for developing a transformational mindset, we’ll cover it all. Learn from real-world case studies, gain insights into emerging trends, and best practices and discover innovative approaches that will propel your business and your career forward.

Business Analysis Summit Southern Africa is the official conference of the South African chapter of IIBA.

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Summit Track Chairs / the people working hard behind the scenes

Chrisanne Kirstein

Moreblessing Maisva

Lalitha Moodley

Oupa Laka

Byron Fortuin

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Business Analysis Summit provides a platform for all Business Analysts, and the leading organisations that employ them, to come together to debate and understand how the Business Analysis role can drive out business value, and support strategic business change. Sponsorship proposals are being accepted for Business Analysis Summit, the tenth annual conference, to be held in Johannesburg, specifically focused on the profession of Business Analysis.

We are expecting great interest in this Conference, as last year we had attendance of over 250 BAs. We therefore invite you to take advantage of an exceptional way to showcase your organisation’s involvement with Business Analysis.

If you have any questions about our sponsorship packages please reach out to us at info@basummit.co.za with any questions that you might have.

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